COSWorld Living Campaign Setting

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Stunning Setting!

Set in the world of Kysie, COSWorld offers players an immense world to play in. Filled with all the detail you would expect from a full D&D game world including: a full pantheon of priestly powers (including specialty priest abilities); detailed maps and information on all the regions of the campaign; fully fleshed out NPCs (no cardboard cut-out villians or heroes!); a comprehensive magic system with new priest and wizard spells to add to your AD&D game and much more!

Detailed Storylines!

One of the most spectacular aspects of COSWorld is its storylines. While it may not seem so at the time, all COSWorld adventures are interlinked. Like taking part in an epic novel, every action you take in COSWorld affects the future of the world!

Player Input!

Kysie is a world of limitless potential and to reflect that, COSWorld depends on its players to aid in its expansion and creation. By using the COSWorld Writers Guidelines, players have the opportunity to write their own chapters into the Kysie epic.

Adventure, Adventure, Adventure!

The most important aspect of COSWorld is the chance for a rousing adventure. You can be sure that where ever you see a COSWorld event, you will know that the utmost detail and time has been taken to ensure that you will have a great time in that adventure. Our authors have penned scenarios for GENCON, Winter Fantasy and other national conventions, as well as developed many adventures that are multi-round events. Our event rounds are spread out over several conventions. This enables us the time to ensure that each round is as exciting as the first and allows you to enjoy other game scenarios instead of taking up all of your time at one convention playing in just one event.

Come explore the world of Kysie at the next COS gaming event or convention. Untold adventures await you!

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MAR 22-24, 2019 - COSCON XXXI
SEP 20-22, 2019 = SIBCON XXIV