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Star Trek LARP
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Vedrix Indrani
Wed Jan 05 2011, 10:36a.m.
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I would like to participate again, but it depends on what day the slot is held.
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Thu Jan 06 2011, 06:29p.m.
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I thought i was a good captain....i don't understand why my crew keeps trying to mutiny
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Thu Jan 06 2011, 08:38p.m.
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Its just kind of their thing.
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Thu Jan 06 2011, 09:34p.m.
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Rob, if you watched TOS you know that it was very tongue in cheek and very cheesy. We were simply trying to replicate this fun, cheesy feel. You on the other hand were looking at it as a serious life or death situation. Now there is nothing wrong with that, if everyone has that same mindset. However, (although I am not speaking for the rest of the players) based upon my observations the rest of us were emulating more of the feel of TOS. (IMO). For example, you were trying to make people stay on the ship (although in a real Navy the Captain would stay aboard), essentially preventing these players from joining in the fun. Its not that you were a bad captain, its just that we all saw things differently.
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