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COS 2013 Club Picnic - July 13th, 2013
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Fri Feb 01 2013, 10:59a.m.

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Keep the date open. More details will follow.

We are having a club picnic at the Slippery Rock Park Veterans Pavillion on July 13th.

Slippery Rock Park Veterans Pavillion
229 North Main Street
Slippery Rock, PA

Festivities start at 10am and go till dusk. We have the baseball court and volleyball court reserved, but need people to bring the kickballs/baseballs and bats/volleyballs to play.

The club will supply the main course, either a pig, carryout from somewhere, or hambugers and hotdogs. COS will provide cold cuts for lunch around noon and (a yet to be determined) dinner at 5pm. We will also bring plates/cups/silverware and water and pop. Please bring a covered dish, side or a dessert to share! Also, if you have them to bring, please bring coolers (to keep that water and pop and any other food cold).

We'll need to get a count of people coming eventually so we know how much to order. Don't worry - we know we're gamers so we'll estimate what we need and double it. :)

Pass the word around and we'll get out further details soon. Husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, significant others, children, and friends (any anyone else you would like to bring along) are more than welcome. The more the merrier!

Please RSVP by June 29th. Please also include a comment if you are bringing more than yourself so we can bring enough food. If you aren't on facebook, please leave a comment here so we can make sure to plan correctly!

Hope to see you there!

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Sat Feb 02 2013, 03:19p.m.
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For now, put down My wife and me. Is that the same place as last years picnic?
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Sat Feb 02 2013, 05:27p.m.

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Mon Jun 24 2013, 05:04p.m.
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Mon Jun 24 2013, 06:59p.m.
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I'll definitely try to make it!
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Vedrix Indrani
Mon Jun 24 2013, 07:38p.m.
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I am planning on it, along with the wife and 2 kids.
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Tue Jun 25 2013, 10:19a.m.
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Me, my wife, my four year old, and my 2 month old are planning on attending. Still figuring on what to bring.
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Tue Jun 25 2013, 09:20p.m.
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My wife, My three children, and I will be there.
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Tue Jun 25 2013, 10:07p.m.
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Wife, me, and 1.5 year old are coming
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Mon Jul 01 2013, 11:25a.m.
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I haven't seen the facebook list, so I am not sure if Dave already did the RSVP for us or not. We will be there with our 6 year old. I haven't seen the food list yet either, but speculate that I will most likely bring a salad of some sort...maybe kale or bean.
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