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Prestige Question
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Steven Corwin
Fri May 18 2018, 01:05p.m.
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I apologize if this has been answered in another thread already. I'm not good at searching for info on this forum.
Anyway, my question is regarding the Noted, Known and Renowned Prestige traits. In the rules it state that these traits are class, occupation or profession specific. But does that mean that only other people of that specific class, occupation or profession would recognize what that prestige trait is?
Example Mike is a Renowned Alchemist. Mike tells Jane and Sally that he's a Renowned Alchemist. Sally is also an alchemist and may have heard of Mike. But Jane is not an alchemist. Does this mean that Jane has no idea what a "Renowned Alchemist" is or simply that she most likely hadn't heard of Mike before and probably isn't impressed?

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Mon May 21 2018, 09:22a.m.
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Since we haven’t gotten an official ruling, I’ll voice my opinion...
In your example, I feel that Sally 100% knows of Mikes Alchemy prestige but nothing more than his name and he is a banging alchemist.
Jane hasn’t a clue. She might know Mike. She might know Mike is an alchemist. But nothing is automatically recognizable for her.

Even if someone says they are noted, known, or renowned, no one can prove it crept for those of that profession or class.
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Mon May 21 2018, 11:50a.m.
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It says it right in the description of the prestige in the rulebook, right?

[CLASS] OF NOTE / NOTED Class Specific Characters who are Fighters, Rogues, etc. have begun to make a slight name for themselves in their Class circles within the realm.
[CLASS] 2 - KNOWN [CLASS] Class Specific These are Noted Characters who have established themselves amongst their Class peers as skilled adventurers.
[PROFESSION] OF RENOWNED / RENOWNED Profession Specific These are Characters who have established themselves amongst their Profession peers as skilled adventurers.
Or am I reading that wrong?
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Mon May 21 2018, 12:22p.m.
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So say an NPC named George, who isn't an alchemist, comes into town looking to hire an alchemist. He finds two PC alchemists - one is a level 7 with no prestige titles and the other is a level 15 with renown alchemist prestige.

So George can't tell the difference because he isn't an alchemist? In this case the prestige title would be of no benefit in gaining employment from George? I thought the whole point was to give you a reputation of sorts. No?
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Mon May 21 2018, 07:07p.m.
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Intriguing. Follow the rules or reject the rules and insert own reality... Hmmm...
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Tue May 22 2018, 06:03p.m.

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Remember this has a lot of roleplaying connected to it and as a marshal I would try to take everything into consideration when running a mod. That being said: Sally should know of Mike, Jane should know about there being alchemists but probably not about Mike, George is just waiting to be plucked or he better ask around.
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Tue May 22 2018, 08:24p.m.

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Agreed with the 'within circles' examples above. Someone could be the best poker player on the world circuit, and if I don't follow it, I probably don't care.

now, if I want to find a ringer for a local tournament, and someone tells me they're a renowned poker player, now I have interest because i'm looking for one.

If I run a module looking for an alchemist, a renowned one would still interest me moreso, even if I've never heard of the PC before (because I didn't check the list). That being said, I'd take both PCs.

Even if the 'x' after the Noted/Known/Renowned isn't of interest, the terms themselves can carry the weight across the game for roleplaying purposes if the plot marshal wants.
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Wed May 23 2018, 06:16a.m.
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So basically it all boils down to marshal call. Cuz let’s face it, these titles and what not were put into place for role playing, emmersion, and something to spend money on!
Thanks for all the responses.
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