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Harming spells in a sanctuary
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Wed Aug 08 2018, 06:47a.m.
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Baneful healing is allowed to be used in a sanctuary as it is a “healing type” skill.
My question is can I use harming spells in the same fashion?
If the answer is no, what if I chose to cast only harming spells (in a healing fashion vs undead) and opt not to cast healing spells to off set any “over power” issues?

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Wed Aug 08 2018, 08:53a.m.
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only harming spells (in a healing fashion vs undead) from my understanding will NOT work. Just like if I have Righteous healing and I ask lvl 10 spell caster to column me whilst in sanctuary it would not work despite being in a 'healing fashion' of for healing purposes. Mainly harming is not healing even if using it for such and is why Baneful is to be very good from a sanctuari perspective.
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Wed Aug 08 2018, 04:07p.m.

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(Update 1/27) Baneful Healing - This is a Healing-type effect and can be used in combination with Sanctuary-type effects. Unlike other effects that heal undead like Offensive Harming spells, if Baneful Healing hits another target than an Undead there is no harmful effect and the Sanctuary is not dispelled.

Part of the Jan 2018 changes was allowing Baneful Healing to be purchased multiple times. At 12 points for 100 pts of healing distributed as the user desires, it is more advantageous at a 8.33:1 ratio instead of the typical 4:1 ratio of standard healing. Therefore it's much more dynamic than standard healing.

Plus, we could further clarify that the target Undead must be hit with a spell packet, meaning that it can be a ranged healing effect as well. It was never intended to be touch-only.

Harming spells are Offensive spells not on the Healing list, and they can cause damage if they hit a non-Undead target. It is simply a restriction of the Sanctuary effect to offset the limited single-target damage immunity.
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Thu Aug 09 2018, 05:43a.m.
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Then I will submit an undead sanctuary of sorts to allow the harming spells to be cast. Thanks all!
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