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Vampire LARP for the Con
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Sun Aug 19 2007, 12:34p.m.
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I just returned from the Vampire 1 day event. Which was also my First vampire event. I thought that I relay what I thought, to those of you who are wondering if you would like to play.

The Players (both PC and NPC), we great. They were very friendly, and helped with rules questions for those of us that were new. While their PCs might use you to accive their ends. The people playing the characters were great.

The rules. The rules seem strange at first, but after you do a few things the system is faily easy. especially if you have played the White wolf table top.

The level of activity. I would say that this is more like the Ad&d intreractive. Mostly talking with quick resolution to the tasks. There is no running, no real combat ( that is don through simple tests).

As a new player, I was worried that I would not fit in, and everyone would be more powerful than me. Well, after playing, I would say... If you think you would like to try it, just jump right in. The game works no matter how powerful you are.


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Jess R
Mon Aug 20 2007, 05:10p.m.
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We were glad to have ya Chappy!!

We love new kindred in the city :-)
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Ron R
Wed Sep 05 2007, 06:06p.m.
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Hey, thanks for the nice review. I am really glad that you enjoyed yourself, and encourage anyone who is interested to give the game a try. We have pre-made characters that you can start with. After you try them out, you can change them or make an entirely different PC before the next event and keep the experience you earn at the convention. If you don't know the game world, that's ok too. We can match people with mentors, and have plotlines designed for new players.

For anyone who is interested, below is a brief synopsis of our plotline for the weekend:

The Story
Less than one month ago, Don Malone led a daring attack on Wheeling to pull it out of the jaws of the Lupine and from the deathly grip of the Sabbat. He's now laid claim to this domain and two others as part of his Imperial Domain. When the remaining Sabbat are tracked down and destroyed, those who have earned his favor and have been deemed worthy will be given the title of Duke and shall rule one of these domains. Will it be you?
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