Mar 23 : 21:21 posted by Lucas 
We hope you and your loved ones are doing everything you can to stay as healthy, safe, and prepared as possible, whether venturing out on a regular basis or staying at home. We thought we should follow up with a few updates based on the continuing precautions around COVID-19 and their effects on COS events.

Refunds have been processed for all con purchases. For ease of recordkeeping, we refunded 100% of all fees paid. If you did not receive your refund, please contact us at

We will keep the same con number and t-shirt logo for Coscon 2021 which will now be numbered Coscon XXXII (32). Because we refunded all payments, you will need to reorder your t-shirt for Coscon 2021 when registration opens up in December, but they’ll be the same design.

The COSCON Point Buy will be offered online through the website at the same rate; $6/point, max of 5. These will be available through April 30th, 2020. Attendance points for the con will not be available, nor will we hold the points raffle.

The April weekend event has been cancelled, however we will keep the pre-pay for the event available through April 30th, 2020. You will still receive points and production.

The 2020 Season Pass amount will remain the same and will still include the April event. The deadline has also been extended until April 30th, 2020.

The X-mas skill and prestige points are still available through March 31st and will not be extended.

If you haven't already, please take a moment to update your Plot Rotation in your profile here on the COS site. Takes a minute and will help us better prepare for relaunching the season once things calm down!

Thank you again for your continued support, and we will continue to provide updates as best we can. Hope to see you at the next COS event once everything (hopefully sooner than later) returns to normal!
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