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Player Responsibilities

Player Responsibilities:


Check Out and Site Clean-Up:
YOU are responsible for cleaning up your own mess! All Players that attend a weekend event must sign in for a cabin. If you fail to clean up your designated area and others must clean up after you after an event, you will be fined:

First Offense: 1 Skill Point - 50 Copper
Second Offense: 2 Skill Points - 100 Copper
Third Offense: Ejection from Quest

If you cannot clean up after yourself, you are not welcome at our events. These clean-up duties include:

* Being awake, moving, and showered (if you plan on showering before you go) by 9 a.m.! We must be out of the site by noon and do not want to have to wait on you, nor clean up the bathrooms again after you are done!

* Cleaning all the trash from inside and around your cabin whether you put it there or not!

* Sweeping out your cabin AFTER all paper and other trash has been picked up; don't just sweep it out the door!

* Closing all windows of your cabin!

* Making sure that all beds moved to/from your cabin are returned to their original cabins: NO EXCEPTIONS!

* Making sure that any damage done to your cabin has been reported PRIOR to you leaving the site!

* All trash accumulated from your stay is bagged and left at the Main Lodge/Kitchen Area for the Sunday Garbage Run. DO NOT LEAVE IT AT YOUR CABIN FOR OTHERS TO TAKE CARE OF FOR YOU!

* Signing in if you plan on using the Kitchen Area! Any mess from cooking, etc. in the Kitchen or at your cabin is cleaned up and disposed of properly, and all materials left in the refrigerators must be taken or thrown away!

Remember, while we are part of the Boy Scouts (Leave it as you found it, etc.), we are also supposed to be part of a group who helps each other out. It is the nature of our game and our organization. So, please help COS out by doing your part so that little things like this do not detract from EVERYONE'S enjoyment
of the game!

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