News Item: Next COS Quest LARP Picnic - Nov 23, 2019!
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Posted by Lucas
Monday, Oct 21 2019 - 15:51:16

Next COS Quest LARP Picnic: November 23, 2019
* Where (OOG): Camp Bucoco, Slippery Rock, PA
* Where (IG): TBA
* Who's Running: Varied
* PC/Pre-Pay cost: $0
* NPC Cost: $0
* Points only for attending

Reminders from 2019:
* The 4-day event fees will be the standard $25/PC and $10/NPC. That's an extra day of fun for $5 less!

* We will not be renewing our BSA Venture Crew Post for 2019 due to increasing administrative complications, however we will still be following their policies as a club in the event that the registration and renewal processes improve.

Please check these two Forum posts to learn how to do your part and make things run smoothly each and every event!
* What Can I Do To Help Out At Quest?

* What Are My Responsibilities At Quest?

This news item is from The Circle of Swords Gaming Guild
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