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Multiple Sabatt packs have taken the city of Pittsburgh. These Sabatt packs that have united here are different then any we have come across. It seems they have three distinct grounds. And have accumulated some amount of influence within the city.

Don't get us wrong they have been thriving in the chaos that is Pittsburgh right now. A group of elders have stepped forward to reclaim this city for the Camarilla. Volos being as influential as he was was able to hold a unique utopia as it were, and even brought long lost families back into our fold. Though after Volos, this city was a powder keg waiting to explode. The Salubri have shown their true colors and have laid a contested claim to a Camarilla city. If we have learned anything from this it is that strong families can accomplish anything.

If you are reading this then someone in high standing within the Camarilla feels you or your Sire would be very beneficial in reclaiming this city for the Camarilla. We shall meet soon gather what you can, heed this call and let's restore this city before it becomes a Sabatt haven for good.

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