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What is COSVamp?
This game is a Live Action version of the Popular table top game Vampire the Masquerade. In this game you will play an apex predator. You are a cursed body that is only sustained by the blood of others. This blood is not only what keeps you going, It is also what fuels the powers of your curse. You will roam the nights for your prey, while a political struggle between those that wish to vie for power of the Steel City plays out from the shadows. Who this predator is, what drives them to survive every evening? As well as to what part they will have to play in this political struggle is all up to you the player.

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Basic Information
Basic knowledge of the Camarilla Protocols, Decorum, and Beliefs.

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Our game uses the system laid out in Mind's Eye Theater; Laws of the Night Revised. Which can be purchased right now at DriveThruRPG

Click here to purchase LotN:R.

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House Rules

Character Creator

How to sign up for the Chatroom

Holding Sheet Must be completed to have holding merit.

Haven Sheet Must be completed if you take the haven background.

ST contact info
Please email the completed sheets and any questions to

History of Pittsburgh
A Brief history of the City and region.
UPDATES Underway!

Camarilla Law
The unfair in game system of the Camarilla, Though it can seem rather daunting at first, The political world of the Camarilla is highly workable.


Prestation: Boons in the World of Darkness
The world of vampires has a currency just like any other, but vampires are not generally that impressed with cold hard cash. They deal in something a bit more complicated, boons.

Additional Information about the in game forums, as well as the scope of our in game world.
This web site and its message board are assumed to be hosted by clan Nosferatu on a new level of the ShrekNET.

Most cities have some sort of presence...from email to a full site. Each Player is allowed only one login for their character unless otherwise told by a ST. Our site and message board are assumed to be visible to only Kindred with the knowledge to be here. The Nosferatu Fragg is the Point of Contact and Admin for the board and site keeping things updated. The Rules of Elysium apply on these boards, as do the rules for the city. Expect to see posts from Archons, Princes, Sheriffs, and numerous others as we attempt to bring you a much larger scope of the WOD than just your own city of Pittsburgh and it's community.

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