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Objects passing through a wall
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Wed Jul 24 2019, 12:41p.m.
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This came up last event and there were very mixed ideas of the correct rules application.

Say there is a wall of "X" up (lets make it fire) and someone puts an object like a stick or their weapon through the wall to make contact with the other side. Does the person holding the stick take damage if their person doesn't touch the wall...just the stick?

I briefly mentioned this to Dave S...basically his thoughts were if it was a combat situation the person should take damage (i.e. fighting through the wall) if it is non combat (say using your weapon to move an object or press a button on the other side of the wall) the person should NOT take damage.

Just wanted to share this, and see if this is the right interpretation, since PCs had very different opinions on the matter.


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Wed Jul 24 2019, 06:25p.m.
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This is just personal opinion, but it has always been that a weapon swing that passes through a wall causes the player holding it to take the damage. However I as a marshal would certainly let it work if there was currently no combat going on, but would revert to the "If an object you are holding passes through you take the damage" rule if combat started. Just personal opinion. If it doesn't interrupt combat (mostly cause there isnt one), always just ask the marshal.
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Thu Jul 25 2019, 10:43p.m.
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I'm nobody, but I'd say any physical combat at any time should have the person taking damage. Why over-complicate it? If you want to touch something you shouldn't, you pay the consequences...
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Fri Jul 26 2019, 05:00p.m.
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Sorry, I meant that to bascially say, in combat it should always apply as it does now, weapons or objects passing thru it pass it onto the PC, but out of combat is always going to be marshal call, defaulting to the normal rule unless told otherwise.
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Fri Jul 26 2019, 07:40p.m.

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Chances are if the damage wall already exists longer than the 7 minutes it is in effect, there is a marshal there and plot reasons for it. So yes, check with the marshal for any special rules in that instance to see if it is acting as a Ward/Wall hybrid for some plot reason.

Otherwise for simplicity, regardless of combat or not, any weapon or object held by a target coming into contact with a Wall of Air/Acid/Fire will damage the target unless a particular effect states otherwise. This also includes cloaks, sheathed weapons, and any other held object as they are considered part of your costume. If you don't want to take damage, wait 7 minutes, Dispel it, or find a way around it.

Ranged weapons/spells/items will pass through normally without causing damage to the target.

Side notes/differences of damage Walls from Wards & Glyphs (because they came to mind writing this, not because you asked, and as always, unless particular effects state otherwise):

Ranged weapons/spells/items striking a Glyph WILL cause the target to take the effects of the Glyph (unless the spell hitting it is the appropriate Dispel).

Wards do not cause damage to a target coming into physical contact with it. Targets simply cannot pass through it. Melee and Ranged attacks/weapons/spells/ pass through normally though.
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