Be a GM

Want to be a Game Master?

Game Mastering a game at COS conventions is always greatly appreciated by everyone involved because it allows everyone, including our volunteer GMs, a fair opportunity to play both new and popular games, as well as entertaining as many gamers as possible!

To help encourage GMs to help make our conventions a success, COS developed a GM Bonuses Program with these benefits for running events:

•Earn Free Weekend Admission By Running 3+ Events/12+ Hours!
•Earn Free Friday Admission By Running 1+ Events/4+ Hours!
•Earn Free Saturday Admission By Running 2+ Events/8+ Hours!
•Earn Free Sunday Admission By Running 1+ Events/4+ Hours!

How Do I Get Started?

Just submit your Game Master Form or submit your events online!
We love having new GMs at our Conventions! Help out, have some fun and sign up TODAY!