COS Game Days

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December 19, 2015

COS HQ (Dave's House), Butler, PA
Free for COS Members!

Visit the COS Game Days Forum to keep up on proposed events and interest as volunteers post events!

Game Masters
Please post your desired event (or event options if flexible) as:

Subject: Game Day Date - Event Name
Post: General event info, like description, number of players, etc.

If it's not in this format, we'll probably just edit it accordingly.

Please reply to that thread that you plan on playing in that event.

So if you're up for a relaxed day of gaming with other club members and gaming enthusiasts, or if you want to run preliminary or follow up events around Coscon or Sibcon, stop by and have some fun!
Next Con Dates

MAR 17-19, 2023 - COSCON XXXIII
SEP 22-24, 2023 - SIBCON XXVIII
MAR 22-24, 2024 - COSCON XXXIV

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