Living Campaigns

In addition to promoting the gaming hobby, we also provide and encourage 'Living' campaigns at our COS Game Days and Convention events. These campaigns allow players to gain experience for their characters from scenario to scenario, and allow them to take on bigger challenges than they could before.

In addition to the Organized Play of companies like Wizards of the Coast's D&D Adventurers League, Pathfinder & Starfinder Society, and Shadowrun Missions, COS provides our own player-driven Living campaigns, utilizing both the Pathfinder rules system for COSLarion and D&D 5e for Kysie Reborn.

D&D Adventurers League players should note that COS has adopted the D&D Adventurers League Code of Conduct, which is worth reading, understanding, and adhering to in order to participate in D&D AL events at COS conventions. They are also good to practice in general, so please take a moment to review them.
Next Con Dates

MAR 22-24, 2024 - COSCON XXXIV
SEP 20-22, 2024 - SIBCON XXVIII
MAR 21-23, 2025 - COSCON XXXV
SEP 19-21, 2025 - SIBCON XXIX

D&D AL Code of Conduct

Paizo Organized Play Code of Conduct
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