COSWorld Living Campaign Setting

COSLarion: The Realm Of Kysie

If you enjoy role-playing your characters from campaign to campaign in a detailed environment, you'll enjoy creating and playing a COSLarion character. In COSLarion you can watch your character evolve and grow in a continuously expanding universe. With each event that your character participates in, wealth and experience points are added... providing, of course, that your character survives.

COSLarion is a campaign setting created, maintained, and expanded entirely by COS members and used strictly for club sanctioned COSLarion events at our gaming conventions. COSLarion uses the Pathfinder ruleset, while Kysie Returns uses the D&D 5e rules.

Though COSWorld draws on the same premise as the RPGA: Living CampaignsTM and the Pathfinder SocietyTM, it is a realm all its own!

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